TT&C Systems

SED’s dependable and flexible TT&C systems play a vital role in the management of precious space resources.

Controlling and monitoring spacecraft in GEO, MEO or LEO orbits, our systems are being used in a variety of applications including satellite communications and remote sensing. Our deep space antenna systems even keep track of space probes at the outer reaches of our solar system.

Our turnkey approach includes analyses of requirements, site surveys and selection, system development and tailoring, site preparation and civil works coordination, installation and commissioning, anywhere in the world. The result is a trouble-free delivery of a fully compliant system, tailored to meet specific customer needs. We then provide complete training as well as system, operations and maintenance manuals, and long- term maintenance support.

Customers include Space Systems/Loral, Inmarsat, Teleglobe Canada, ChinaSat, Mabuhay Philippines Satellite Corporation and the Canadian and European Space Agencies.

System features

Operating at C-, L-, S-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band, our systems comprise the very best in commercial equipment available today.

Antennas for limited- or full-motion applications are available in sizes ranging from several meters up to 35 meters and with full local and remote control capability.

We select and use the highest-quality commercial RF and baseband equipment from reliable suppliers. For added dependability, we offer automatic redundancy switching.

Standard TT&C functions include command transmission, telemetry reception and processing, and ranging capability.

Operator interface

All systems include a flexible and user-friendly centralized monitor and control system to easily configure the system and provide immediate station status and alarms. For more information, see the description of our Mon-A-Co™ Monitor and Control Systems.

Our operator interface is based on a full-color GUI with point-and-click operation. Features include:

  • Local control via CRT/keyboard/mouse
  • Remote control via serial or Ethernet interface
  • Local and remote control and monitoring features:
    • Configurable displays and data storage (macro commands)
    • Equipment configuration
    • Parameter monitoring
    • Warning / Alarm indication

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