Capabilities & Technology

Calian, Advanced Technologies (formerly Calian SED) develops key technology in one of three ways, as part of:

  • the exciting projects we execute for key customers
  • the cutting edge product developments we complete for ourselves and key OEM customers
  • core technology developments we carry out for ourselves and others

This approach ensures that our technology is constantly evolving in an efficient manner providing us timely access to key technology. This, in turn, enables us to seize opportunities in the market as they arise.

We have expertise in a wide range of application areas suited well to embedded solutions including encoding/decoding, modulation/demodulation, spectrum and signal measurement and analysis to name just a few. We have particular expertise in designs requiring some degree of RF signal processing. We are experts in creating multipurpose architectures that can accommodate a wide range of requirements and we are leaders in generating high density/multi-channel solutions.

Our extensive portfolio of existing embedded designs are structured to be readily reusable and evolvable at the lowest component level all the way up to the system level. We focus our innovation on generating these designs in ways that minimize the resources needed to host and run them. This enables us to offer solutions with compelling recurring value propositions and rapid delivery timeframes.

We support open standards-based organizations such as DVB/ETSI, IEEE and CableLabs. We routinely participate in key committee work in developing new standards. We have been a DOCSIS 3.1 PHY Team Specification Committee contributor from the earliest stages.

Our designs employ the latest technology. We are working with the latest 28nm programmable logic devices, ARM processors, high sample rate DACs and ADCs, and custom ASICs from key technology vendors.

We have a team of very experienced project managers who take full responsibility for all aspects of a project. From establishing responsibilities and expectations for each member of the project team to monitoring cost and schedule progress, and reporting status to the customer and the Calian, Advanced Technologies senior management team.

Calian, Advanced Technologies (formerly Calian SED’s) Quality Management System is certified as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The scope of this registration is applicable to the design, manufacture and integration of products and systems and the provision of related services for communications, space, aerospace, defence, and ancillary systems.  The scope of this registration also applies to software development. We have been registered since 1996.