Mission and Values

Our mission is to rapidly deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions that fully satisfy
our customers’ needs. We provide the world’s leading satellite companies with
innovative solutions for testing, operating and managing their satellite networks.
We enable our communications and defence customers to deliver reliable, high
quality products and systems by providing them with flexible, timely electronics
manufacturing and test services.


We will become our customers’ long-term partner of choice by delivering compelling
solutions and maintaining a responsive, cooperative business approach. Through
development of key technologies and capabilities in our core markets we will achieve
sustained, profitable growth. By making critical investments and taking manageable
risks we will attract new customers and expand in to adjacent markets.


These values are fundamental to our business:

Customers: They keep us in business. We would not exist without them. Their
complete satisfaction is key to our survival.
People: Our strength is our people. As they grow and become successful
so will we.
Quality: Our products are a direct reflection of ourselves. The quality of our
work determines our reputation. We will not compromise the quality
of our work for short-term gains.