Mission, Vison & Values


To deliver innovative solutions that help the world communicate, learn, lead healthy lives and stay safe.

As part of Calian’s mission, we bring together a diverse set of capabilities to provide value-added products, systems and services which enable our customers to achieve their business objectives.

We provide the world’s leading space technology companies with innovative solutions for testing, operating and managing their satellite networks. We provide leading-edge communication products for terrestrial and satellite networks. We enable our commercial and defence customers to deliver reliable, high-quality products and systems by providing them with superior electronics engineering, manufacturing and test services.


To be a billion-dollar global company by embracing our diverse service offerings and being recognized as innovators in all that we do.


Our values are the foundational beliefs that drive us and the key to our success. They have been the core of our company culture since day one and are continuing to guide the way as we grow.

Our values of

  • Integrity,
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment

These values are fundamental to our business.



Our genuine commitment to our people—those we serve and those we work with—is the foundation
of who we are. We hold ourselves accountable for ensuring the actions we take, make a difference
in people’s lives and contribute to our collective progress. This is what makes us relentlessly
determined to empower our clients, our partners, and our employees around the world to succeed. 


Our honest and collaborative culture strengthens our ability to approach every situation with
courage and passion. Paired with the diversity of knowledge our experts bring to the table, this
collaborative energy allows us to continuously deliver unique and innovative solutions in a
constantly changing world. 


We embrace the value of collaboration at every level of our organization. An environment where
everyone feels respected, has the freedom to speak up, and the willingness to listen without
judgement is key to our collective success and that of our clients. 


Calian is committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. We take pride and accountability
in being the trusted partner our clients can count on in any situation at any point in time. As one, we go above and beyond to ensure we are delivering the best solutions to meet our client needs.