CANSEC 2019 is Canada’s largest defence industry event that showcases leading-edge technology, products and services for land-based, naval, aerospace and joint forces military units.

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Calian SED is a Canadian full-service communications technology development company serving the Aerospace and Defence industry for over 40 years. We provide engineering design services, in-house manufacturing, contract build-to-print services, and test solutions.  We understand that reliability and performance are crucial in the aerospace and defence industry.

SED excels at developing, qualifying, and manufacturing complex, high-reliability solutions for mission-critical applications. We have the expertise, capacity and resources required to design, build and fully test each component of the deliverable ensuring performance in the harshest of conditions.

As a qualified and experienced ITB provider, Calian SED is focused on creating compelling value propositions via partnerships with our valued customers. The breadth and depth of our technology and capabilities make us an ideal partner for direct work on programs, indirect ITB contributions or a combination of the two. With over 50 years in business and a solid track record of delivery on a wide range of programs, we’re a partner you can count on now and well into the future.

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In-House Manufacturing – Superior Solutions Delivered On-Time at Competitive Prices
For defence contractors who want the assurance of working with an established manufacturer with proven capabilities, SED offers a tightly integrated approach with our engineering design services and manufacturing capacity co-located in a single purpose-built facility.  The entire end-to-end process is controlled by our integrated team, resulting in a superior product delivered on-time at a competitive price.









Advantage Benefit
Contract Manufacturing
SED adheres to lean manufacturing principles, providing our customers with the best quality product at the lowest cost.

SED can address any challenges the product may encounter including manufacturability issues, obsolete components, creating a test program, tight timelines, highly variable production rates and more.

SED has processes in place to ensure that the configuration of the manufactured product, from design documentation to product delivery is strictly maintained, documented and controlled.

Best In Class Workmanship In addition to adhering to strict IPC Class 3 workmanship standards, SED is a Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) and we serve on multiple IPC Standards Committees.  Click here to view all certifications.
Flexible, Scalable Secure Manufacturing Capacity SED has the capacity to scale our production floor to accommodate multiple projects of various sizes and requirements.  Whether it’s a repair and overhaul of your existing design, upgrades or new builds large and small, SED can accommodate your requirements.

SED is a flexible and accommodating business partner, we can manage your small to medium size build-to-print requirements from as low as 1 unit to as many as several thousand units.

State-of-the-Art Automated Surface Mount Technology
(SMT) Line
SED’s fully automated SMT line delivers a consistently high-quality well-controlled process for electronics manufacturing that can detect problems before they occur, preventing costly mistakes, and reducing downtime and re-work potential.

Our sophisticated software can model virtually built products and identify errors before components are placed.

Modern automated optical inspection during the build allows real-time defect detection and increased quality control.

With high traceability of all components to board level, SED can deal with any material related issues quickly and efficiently.

Support for Specialized Technology/Processes SED’s automated through–hole technology works well for designs with high power, current, and voltage requirements, and products with more structural rigidity requirements.
North American Contract Manufacturing for
Global Partners
SED can transform product designs for customers around the globe so they can be manufactured in North America.  Benefits of North American made products include a verified and reliable supply chain, quality components, reduced shipping costs, plus more Canadian content for ITB requirements.


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Engineering Services – Creating Solutions Customers Can Depend On
SED excels at developing high technology electronics for mission-critical aerospace and defence applications, we offer complete technical assistance and long-term support for our customers.  We have a large engineering group with in-depth experience and expertise across a broad range of applications.

Our in-house manufacturing enables the timely production of fully compliant products.  The tight integration of these teams ensures the low-risk seamless creation and delivery of fully qualified and compliant products suitable for high-reliability operations in the most demanding environments.   Click here for more information.

Test Solutions – Fast and Reliable Test Solutions
SED has the expertise to tackle virtually any testing requirement, no matter how complex.  Our test solutions are designed to streamline your testing, increase reliability, speed time to market and ultimately save you money.  SED offers test solutions for design verification and manufacturing test solutions. We can provide a fully engineered turnkey test solution, take an existing concept or block diagram and complete the design, or replicate your current design.









SED has skilled engineering and technical resources to proactively address and provide test solutions for capacity constraints, poor throughput, testing errors, and a variety of other challenges.  We can ship worldwide and SED offers installation, training, and support services for the solutions we provide our customers.   Click here for more information.

Decimator Spectrum Analyzer
SED’s Decimator D3 Spectrum Analyzer remotely monitors communication signals anywhere RF signal monitoring is required. With a frequency range of 5 MHz to 3 GHz, the Decimator D3 provides accurate and fast measurements at a compelling cost.

Military SatCom communications users can integrate the D3 into VSAT terminals, mobile command and control systems, teleport facilities and anywhere that RF signal monitoring is required.

Multi-port Decimator D3 Spectrum Analyzer









Decimator Features:

  • Available in 3 form factors – PCIe card, portable and multi-port
  • Powerful & easy to use with a standard internet connection, no training required
  • Built-in Cross-pol and Carrier Monitoring applications
  • CarrierWatch add-on provides the ability to view multiple carriers in a single window & more
  • Programmable email and SNMP alarms
  • Built-In multi-user support with up to 10 concurrent users
  • Powerful API specifications for integration with third-party NMS’s

When used standalone or integrated into your solution, Decimator D3 is ideally suited for measurement of communications and broadcast carriers. Our Remote Management Protocol can be integrated into your network, RF system/unit, or RF monitoring/measurement system.   email hidden; JavaScript is required