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Calian SED is an established full-service communications technology development company, and we’ve been providing the Telecommunications industry with innovative satellite, cable and terrestrial wireless communication solutions for over 50 years.

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RF Systems
SED provides full turnkey services to meet all your RF System needs. Our systems engineering approach meets the most demanding requirements in harsh environments for frequency ranges up to and including Ka band and Q&V bands.

RF Systems









We support you through the full system life cycle from requirements analysis, site preparation, and equipment specification, through system design and integration, test and on-site commissioning, training and long-term support.

Extensive use of COTS equipment minimizes cost, technical risks and development time. Custom hardware and software designed by SED ensures unique requirements are satisfied effectively and efficiently.

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Decimator D3 Spectrum Analyzer

SED’s Decimator Spectrum Analyzer remotely monitors communication signals anywhere RF signal monitoring is required. With a frequency range of 5MHz to 3 GHz, the Decimator D3 provides accurate and fast measurements at a compelling cost.

Multi-port Decimator D3 Spectrum Analyzer









Decimator Features:

• Available in 3 form factors – PCIe card, portable and multi-port
• Powerful & easy to use with a standard internet connection, no training required
• Built-in Cross-pol and Carrier Monitoring applications
• CarrierWatch add-on provides the ability to view multiple carriers in a single window & more
• Programmable email and SNMP alarms
• Built-In multi-user support with up to 10 concurrent users
• Powerful API specifications for integration with third-party NMS’s

When used standalone or integrated into your solution, Decimator D3 is ideally suited for measurement of communications and broadcast carriers. Our Remote Management Protocol can be integrated into your network, RF system/unit, or RF monitoring/measurement system.

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Gateways & Planning Systems
Our range of world-class Satellite Capacity Planning and Resource Management solutions ensure your valuable spectrum resources are allocated effectively to meet the demands of your customers.  We specialize in providing solutions to the satellite communications industry, including the design and delivery of software solutions used for the planning, management, and operations of satellite communications networks.

Gateways & Planning Systems









We offer both off-line planning tools and real-time on-demand allocation systems, thereby ensuring that your resources are efficiently utilized both globally at the constellation level down through individual satellites, beams and carriers.

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Satellite Modulators
Our line of satellite modulators and related products include the Gemini modulator, Defender and Hercules multi-channel modulators, the narrow-band SDTS modulator, the Itus L-band redundancy switch, and beacon generators.

The Gemini modulator provides DVB-S/S2/S2X, DSNG and Turbo functionality and includes ASI and IP inputs and both IF and L-band outputs.

Our Itus modulator redundancy switch provides 1:1 modulator L-band redundancy switching for our modulator products.  Itus includes our patented Intelligent Switching mode functionality.

The narrow-band SDTS modulator supports the Inmarsat SES28B standard, while our Beacon Generator provides an L-band output that can be frequency converted to the band you need.

Our Hercules & Defender multi-channel modulators are designed to generate multiple channels out of a single one rack-mount unit (1RU) chassis. Did you know that 1 of SED’s multi-channel satellite modulators can replace as many as 16 traditional modulators?  The small form factor provides significant savings in capital costs, reduced operating expenses & other benefits.

Satellite Modulators









Our modulators have a flexible FPGA-based design that can be leveraged to deliver custom modulators for non-standard encoding and modulation types.  SED also offers private labelling for OEM products.

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Distributed Access Architectures (DAA)
SED has solutions for all Distributed Access Architectures (DAA).  With a mature IP portfolio of Remote PHY DOCSIS technologies and advanced signal processing algorithms, SED offers powerful and dynamic solutions for our customers.

SED solutions can help your Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) products deliver:

  • Faster internet speed
  • Higher nodes/service groups
  • Increased network layout flexibility

By combining SED’s signal processing with its embedded hardware designs using state-of-the-art silicon, we enable Remote PHY and other distributed cable access technology product designs.

SED’s IP and FPGA reference design is scalable, flexible, and it applies to all DAA solutions.

  • Remote PHY Architecture
  • Remote MAC-PHY Architecture
  • Distributed CCAP/Virtual CMTS

Distributed Access Architectures









Complete Suite of Remote PHY IP includes:

  • R-DEPI / R-UEPI packet processing
  • SC-QAM & DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM DOCSIS modulation
  • A-TDMA & DOCSIS 3.1 OFDMA DOCSIS upstream burst reception
  • SCTE 55-1, SCTE 55-2, NDF, NDR & Pilot tones out-of-band modulation & reception
  • R-DTI DOCSIS timing & network management functionality

FPGA Based Designs
SED is a Xilinx Alliance Partner, and we create FPGA-based adaptable designs for our customers.  Unlike dedicated ASIC based solutions, our FPGA designs can adapt to evolving requirements. SED’s FPGA-based designs are engineered to help customer differentiate themselves, expedite time to market and deliver “future proof” solutions.

Our FPGA based solutions offer multiple benefits:

  • Support future requirements as they arise with infield upgrades
  • Address new technologies with the ability to adapt a new design in the field
  • Differentiate your product to deliver a compelling value-add for your customers
  • Leverage evolving FPGA technology improvements for your next product

SED offers custom hardware design and on-site manufacturing services for Remote PHY modules, suitable for integration into existing or new fibre node products.

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