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SED announces patent pending multichannel technology

2015-March 05

SED announces patent pending multichannel technology for satellite uplink applications.

Our Hercules product can generate up to sixteen 30Msps DVB-S/S2 carriers from a single 1RU chassis.  All carriers are individually frequency agile in a 500MHz band (either 950MHz to 1450MHz or 1250MHz to 1750MHz), can have their own modulation, FEC, rolloff and symbol rate, and are individually power adjustable.  Our intelligent RF switch product called Itus can monitor individual signal quality on up to 16 carriers on each of two inputs and use this data (carrier power level, demod unlock, MER, and decoded packet errors) as switching criterion.  Alternatively Itus can be switched manually via the front panel or from a modulator like other RF protection switches.  Between Hercules and Itus we can offer a high availability redundant 16 modulator configuration in 3RU at a fraction of the Capex and Opex costs of a traditional approach.

Hercules Modulator

Itus RF Switch

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