Satellite Show 2019

Satellite 2019 will unite aerospace thought leaders, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, end-users and enthusiasts together in one place for the largest and most important global connectivity technology event of the year.

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Composite Carbon Fiber Antennas

CALIAN SED now offers medium and large composite carbon fiber reflector antennas, built to meet or exceed the performance requirements of the next generation RF ground systems.  These cutting-edge antennas can meet the performance and operational requirements needed for Ka-band frequencies, Q/V-band frequencies and beyond.









Modern RF ground systems demand the ultimate combination of price and performance, and these innovative antennas are specifically designed with these needs in mind.


  • Composite carbon fiber reflector and back structure, 10 meter or 6 meter now available with plans in place for additional aperture sizes
  • Precision surface accuracy for all frequency bands, including Q/V-band frequencies & higher
  • Lightweight, ultra-strong design minimizes thermal, wind and gravity loads
  • Digital Monopulse Antenna Control System
  • Innovative in-panel de-ice system
  • Minimize deployment costs – reduced shipping weight, fast installation time

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RF Systems









Calian SED provides full turnkey services to meet all your RF system needs for satellite tracking, communications and control.  With a focus on customer satisfaction and requirements management, the ground communication systems group provides solid turnkey RF gateway solutions for L-, S-, X-, C-, and Ku-band frequencies, as well as, higher frequency bands with challenging requirements such as Ka-, Q- and V-bands.  SED also supports a number of programs for Earth Observation (EO) and deep space exploration.

SED’s systems engineering approach meets the most demanding requirements including harsh environments. SED supports you through the full system life cycle from requirements analysis, site preparation, and equipment specification, through system design and integration, test and on-site commissioning, training and long-term support.

Extensive use of COTS equipment minimizes cost, technical risks and development time. Custom hardware and software designed by SED ensures unique requirements are satisfied effectively and efficiently.

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Decimator Spectrum Analyzer

SED’s Decimator Spectrum Analyzer remotely monitors communication signals anywhere RF signal monitoring is required. With a frequency range of 5 MHz to 3 GHz, the Decimator D3 provides accurate and fast measurements at a compelling cost.









Decimator Features:

  • Available in 3 form factors – PCIe card, portable and multi-port
  • Powerful & easy to use with a standard internet connection, no training required
  • Built-in Cross-pol and Carrier Monitoring applications
  • CarrierWatch add-on provides the ability to view multiple carriers in a single window & more
  • Programmable email and SNMP alarms
  • Built-In multi-user support with up to 10 concurrent users
  • Powerful API specifications for integration with third-party NMS’s

When used standalone or integrated into your solution, Decimator D3 is ideally suited for measurement of communications and broadcast carriers. Our Remote Management Protocol can be integrated into your network, RF system/unit, or RF monitoring/measurement system.

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Gateways & Planning Systems

Gateways & Planning Systems









SED’s Communication Gateways and Planning Systems group provides software solutions for satellite communications, capacity management and performance monitoring.

Large LEO constellations and high throughput satellites with complex payloads have been driving demand for intelligent planning and capacity management tools to support services on these networks.  SED has been addressing the demand for intelligent planning and capacity management with innovative real-time class Satellite Capacity Planning and Resource Management solutions.

SED offers both off-line planning tools and real-time on-demand allocation systems, thereby ensuring that your resources are efficiently utilized both globally at the constellation level down through individual satellites, beams and carriers.

SED has more than 25 years of experience developing high-availability custom satellite gateways.  With an extensive library of infrastructure software, SED can quickly and cost-effectively bring your voice and data services into operation.  Click here for more information.

Manage network elements locally and across the globe with Mon-A-Co. The powerful, intuitive user interface provides the ease of use demanded by your operations personnel:

  • Subscribe to events and alarms
  • Monitor critical carriers in your network
  • Identify and diagnose problems
  • Reconfigure network equipment quickly and reliably

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Satellite Communication Products

SED’s line of satellite communication products continues to provide customers with innovative and high-performance units that they use in their networks or integrate into their service offerings.  They also serve as the building blocks for the systems we deliver enabling us to offer a more compelling value proposition based on innovative technology, reduced risk and time to market, and lower costs.

Our line of satellite modulators and related products include the Gemini modulator, Defender and Hercules multi-carrier generator, the narrow-band SDTS modulator, the Itus L-band redundancy switch, and beacon generators.

The Gemini modulator provides DVB-S/S2/S2X, DSNG and Turbo functionality and includes ASI and IP inputs and both IF and L-band outputs.

SED Satellite Modulators









Our Itus modulator redundancy switch provides 1:1 modulator L-band redundancy switching for our modulator products.  The narrow-band SDTS modulator supports the Inmarsat SES28B standard, while our Beacon Generator provides an L-band output that can be frequency converted to the band you need.

Our multi-channel modulator, Defender, is capable of generating up to 32 independent 30 Msps carriers in the 950-1750 MHz band.

Our modulators have a flexible FPGA-based design, which can be leveraged to provide custom modulators for non-standard encoding and modulation types. We can also provide private labelling for OEM products.

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