Our Facility

Calian SED’s operations are located in an 11,600 square meter (125,000 square foot) custom-built
facility in Saskatoon. The facility includes 4,000 square meters (43,000 square feet) of
manufacturing and integration space, and because of the open-architecture of this area,
new production lines can be accommodated with minimal disruption and low renovation costs.

The building is fully secure and is protected via a security system that monitors the facility and
provides audible and call-up alarms for all anomalies including fire, intrusion, and electrical
and HVAC problems. Computer systems are backed-up regularly with copies of critical data
stored off-site.

Calian SED is host to the Ciel-2 TT&C facility and the communications gateway for a new generation
mobile satellite system. This building is located adjacent to our existing facility and includes
three limited motion 11m antennas and one limited motion 7m antenna. The facility is fully
secure and is equipped with redundant power including diesel generator backup and fully
redundant telecommunications links. The building and land area has additional capacity to
host new systems and to host additional antenna systems.

The Canadian Space Agency’s Telemetry, Tracking and Command station for RADARSAT is
located adjacent to Calian SED’s facility.

Our location and close association with the University of Saskatchewan give us ready access
to a highly-skilled technical workforce at very competitive labour rates. There is also a ready
pool of semi-technical resources available in the community that Calian SED draws upon for its
assembly and integration requirements. Calian SED enjoys a remarkably low turnover in its staff, a
factor that makes a significant contribution to our overall efficiency as a company.