Aerial Head Assembly (AHA)


SED has been under contract with DRS Technologies from St. Louis Missouri since 1994 to supply the RF component (AHA) of the MSTAR Surveillance Radar used by DND and GDLSC on the Coyote RECCE vehicle. The original MSTAR was designed and built by Thorn EMI in Britain. SED in conjunction with DRS took the original design documentation and updated it to be applicable to North American specifications and requirements including increased environmental requirements. This process was carried out over a period of nine months from contract award to First Article delivery. In order to meet schedule and cost requirements a number of British suppliers were replaced with North American subcontractors whose components had to be qualified in this time period.

Since 1995 this product has been in ongoing production at rates up to 80 AHAs per month. SED has worked with DRS to improve the specifications and reduce the cost. As the original UK MSTAR design is now 25 years old SED has generated a number of design changes over the last 10 years to address obsolescence issues. MSTARs have been delivered to DND, GDLSC, various foreign governments, the US Border Patrol and all branches of the US Armed Forces. SED was even placed under contract by Thorn/Racal, the original MSTAR manufacturer, to supply AHAs to them. Along with ongoing production orders for the AHA SED is currently working with DRS for a second upgrade of for the MSTARs delivered to DND in 1995.