KDS Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (AFES)


In 1999 SED was put under contract by Kidde Dual Spectrum in Santa Barbara CA to manufacture the Control Electronics Panel for their AFES fire suppression System. SED took the original aluminum machined housing and developed a Canadian casting supplier to reduce the overall cost of the assembly. SED worked with KDS to develop CCA level ATE testing using Agilent 3065 and 3070 Automated Test Systems and also generated semi automated Acceptance Test Procedures (ATPs). Since the initial award of the CEP contract SED has been awarded contracts from KDS to manufacture all the sensor CCAs and the harnesses for the AFES system and most of the other systems KDS supplies to various US and foreign armed forces. SED is currently in production of these assemblies and through proactive approaches to obsolescence has not had any schedule delays caused by material availability. Production rates vary up to 300 systems per month.