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At Calian, Advanced Technologies you’ll find a dynamic, project-based, team-oriented environment built around our core values of quality, flexibility, and dependability. Our project-based environment allows employees the opportunity to acquire new skills, and expand existing skills using modern tools, technologies, and methodologies. Our systems are installed all over the world and travel opportunities abound.

Calian, Advanced Technologies specializes in developing complex hardware and software systems for cable, telecommunications, satellite communications, and defence applications. We employ approximately 380 people. Calian, Advanced Technologies enjoys an international reputation for excellence and delivers systems to customers worldwide.

Calian, Advanced Technologies is a part of a government equity program to ensure that we are an equal opportunity employer. We also have a close association with the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and we regularly recruit and attend career fairs at these locations.

Individuals interested in a career opportunity with Calian, Advanced Technologies can submit their cover letter, resume, and accompanying documents to our online system.

We are continually on the look-out for top talent through our current and future opportunities recruitment.

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Our guiding principles are:

Continuing improvement is essential: We must forever strive for better and better performance. Training and tools are vital investments in the future.

Work should be a pleasure: We will provide a professional and safe work environment based on courtesy and mutual respect. We must challenge our people and recognize their successes. We will treat our employees fairly and will promote from within where possible.

Teamwork is the key to winning: We are a team and we must work together, with trust and respect. We all win when the team wins.

Integrity is never compromised: We will conduct business in a manner that commands respect for the company’s integrity and for its’ positive contribution to the community.

Preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility: We will, as a minimum, meet all environmental laws and regulations. We will promote recycling and other environmentally friendly practices and encourage our employees to do the same.