Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Calian, Advanced Technologies located?
    • Calian, Advanced Technologies is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We operate out of a custom-built facility in a beautiful research and development park adjacent to the University of Saskatchewan. Calian, Advanced Technologies also has a location at the Canadian Space Agency in St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada.
  2. How can I apply for a job at Calian, Advanced Technologies?
    • To apply for a position at Calian, Advanced Technologies, click on Current Opportunities. Individuals are able to view the positions currently available and future opportunities. If you have not previously created a profile with Calian, Advanced Technologies, click on Register and fill in the required information. Upon logging in, you will be prompted to complete your profile and may apply for any current or future positions that are listed. To review applications that you have applied for, click on My Applications.
  3. What employment opportunities does Calian, Advanced Technologies provide?
    • Calian, Advanced Technologies provides opportunities in a variety of disciplines. Engineers are commonly recruited, including individuals with an Electrical, Physics, and Computer Science degree. We also recruit Assemblers in our Manufacturing department, as well as a number of other positions.
  4. Does Calian, Advanced Technologies offer Co-op or Internship opportunities?
    • Yes, we regularly offer Computer Science and Engineering Internship opportunities at the University of Saskatchewan, and Co-op opportunities at the University of Regina. We post our open positions with campus Career Centres and on this website.
  5. Are there employment requirements that I must meet?
    • Yes. The ability to obtain a government security clearance and meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the domestic industrial security program administered by the Controlled Goods doctorate is mandatory.
  6. Am I able to apply for multiple positions?
    • Yes. To apply for a position, you must first register and create a career profile. Upon logging in, select My Applications to view all current and future positions available. To be considered for a specific position, you must select all positions that you are interested in.
  7. Will you confirm receipt of my application?
    • Yes. You will receive a verification email once you have submitted an application for an available position.
  8. How frequently are new opportunities posted on the Calian, Advanced Technologies website?
    • Job opportunities are posted as they become available. We recommend you visit our site often and view our current opportunities. You can also subscribe to our Career Alert service and you will be notified of future jobs that match your preferences
  9. Will I be notified when a position has been filled?
    • Yes. A recruiter at Calian, Advanced Technologies will contact individuals who have been selected for an interview. Once a position has been filled, all applicants will be notified.
  10. Can I apply for future opportunities?
    • Yes, you can apply for future opportunities with Calian, Advanced Technologies. To apply, login to the career profile you have created and select My Applications. Check any positions that you are interested in and ensure your changes have been saved.
  11. How can I set up a Career Alert to be notified of future positions?
    • To be notified of future positions, login to the career profile you have created. Select Career Alerts, and choose all fields that you are interested in. To save your profile changes, click on Add Career Alert. You will now receive alerts as positions become available.
  12. How can I change my profile information and accompanying documents?
    • Simply login to your profile through Current Opportunities and update your profile. The changes will take effect immediately.To change documents you have previously uploaded to your profile, login and click on My Resume. Cover Letters are specific to each position available at Calian, Advanced Technologies and need to be changed within My Applications.
  13. What happens if I have created an online profile and have forgotten my password?
    • Click to login to your online profile. Directly below Login, click Forgot Password, and enter the appropriate email address you have linked to your online profile. Click Email Password to have an email sent obtaining your current password.
  14. Does Calian, Advanced Technologies regularly attend any Career Fairs?
    • Yes. Calian, Advanced Technologies often attends the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina Career Fairs in the Fall, as well as, the University of Saskatchewan Computer Science Student Society Career Fair during the Winter.
  15. What scholarships does Calian, Advanced Technologies provide to those outside of the workplace?
    • Calian, Advanced Technologies provides scholarships at the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and SIAST. For more information, please contact the scholarship coordinator at the appropriate school.
  16. Does Calian, Advanced Technologies provide tours of the facility?
    • Yes. Calian, Advanced Technologies provides group tours through educational programs including Spotlight on Careers and Adventures in Technology, as well as through SIAST, the University of Saskatchewan, and job shadowing through High School.