Decimator D4 Spectrum & Signal Analyzer

Calian SED’s newest generation of Decimator Spectrum Analyzers is the Decimator D4, ideal for users with advanced spectrum monitoring and signal analysis requirements.  Decimator D4 remotely monitors RF communication signals anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection.

The new low-cost Decimator D4 offers additional features including an increased frequency range, DVB signal digital demodulation capabilities and much more.


  • Frequency range of 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz
  • HTML5, supports all web-browsers on all devices
  • Secure Control Interface – TCP/IP, API. SNMP, HTTPS
  • Add-on digital demodulation & signal analysis for DVB-S/S2/S2X signals
  • Spectator add-on software offers enhanced carrier monitoring

Ideal for monitoring RF feeds & carriers in satellite, cable & terrestrial networks.









View Decimator D4 Datasheet

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