With a mature IP portfolio of DOCSIS Remote PHY technologies and advanced signal processing algorithms, Calian, Advanced Technologies offers powerful and dynamic solutions ideal for newer technologies like Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX).

Custom hardware design and on-site manufacturing services for Remote PHY modules are available, suitable for integration into existing or in-development fiber node products.

Calian, Advanced Technologies solutions can help your Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) products:

  • Accommodate changing HFC technologies
  • Support higher compute engine functionality
  • Designed on silicon available today speeding time to market

By combining Calian, Advanced Technologies signal processing with its embedded hardware designs using state-of-the-art silicon, it enables compelling product designs based on Remote PHY as well as other distributed cable access technologies.

Distributed Access Architectures









Calian, Advanced Technologies IP and FPGA reference design is scalable, flexible, and it applies to all DAA solutions.

  • Remote PHY
  • Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) RPHY
  • Remote MAC-PHY / Remote FMA-PHY
  • Distributed CCAP/Virtual CMTS
  • Evolves to support DOCSIS 4.0 – Extended Spectrum DOCSIS

Complete Suite of Remote PHY IP includes:

  • R-DEPI / R-UEPI packet processing
  • SC-QAM & DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM DOCSIS modulation
  • A-TDMA & DOCSIS 3.1 OFDMA DOCSIS upstream burst reception
  • SCTE 55-1, SCTE 55-2, NDF, NDR & Pilot tones out-of-band modulation & reception
  • R-DTI DOCSIS timing & pro-active network management (PNM) functionality

FPGA Based Designs
Calian, Advanced Technologies is a Xilinx Alliance Partner, and we create FPGA-based adaptable designs for our customers.  Calian, Advanced Technologies FPGA-based designs are engineered to help customers differentiate themselves, expedite time to market and deliver “future proof” solutions.

Our FPGA based solutions offer multiple benefits:

  • Support future requirements as they arise with infield upgrades
  • Address new technologies with the ability to adapt a new design in the field
  • Differentiate your product to deliver a compelling value-add for your customers
  • Leverage evolving FPGA technology improvements for your next product

Calian, Advanced Technologies offers custom hardware design and on-site manufacturing services for Remote PHY modules, suitable for integration into existing or in-development fiber node products.

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