H2 HydraQAM

H2 HydraQAM Card

The H2 HydraQAM is the newest PCIe QAM modulator card from SED Systems. It is ideal as a low cost 16 QAM RF channel solution for use in cable MDU and hospitality products.

The 16 QAM channels are agile within a 160 MHz window of spectrum from 46 MHz to 640 MHz. The 16 QAM channels output on a single 75 Ohm F-type connector. Designed to support multiple applications, H2 HydraQAM can be customized to include a GigE variant and for analog modulation.

H2 HydraQAM is can be easily integrated into existing or new customer software systems using our card’s drivers written for Linux.

SED will customize modulator designs for your product and design requirements. If you have any digital video QAM modulator requirements for HFC networks or MDU applications, contact SED to learn how we can help.

Download H2 HydraQAM Brochure