Offering 128 QAM Channels from a Single Card
HydraQAM is a 128 channel, high-density PCIe QAM modulator card offering compelling value on a per QAM basis while providing a path to full CCAP densities and DOCSIS 3.1.  Calian, Advanced Technologies HydraQAM card delivers next-generation QAM modulation technology as a commercially available, off the shelf card.

HydraQAM is ideal for CMTS, CCAP, and video EdgeQAM products.

  • FPGA firmware based design provides flexibility for future upgrades & improvements
  • Each QAM channel can turn off individual channels or set to unique power level/frequency
  • Channel frequency agility, scalable to meet increased or reduced channel densities
  • Easily integrate into legacy networks to accommodate existing traffic

Form factors:  PCIe interface, Gigabit Ethernet interface, and chassis form factor are also available.HydraQAM









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HydraQAM is scalable and customizable for high-density CCAP applications or low-channel count applications.

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