Decimator Spectrum Analyzer

SED’s Decimator D3 Spectrum Analyzer remotely monitors communication signals anywhere RF signal monitoring is required.  With a frequency range of 5 MHz to 3 GHz, the D3 provides accurate and fast measurements at a compelling cost.  Decimator is ideal for use in satellite, cable, and terrestrial wireless networks.  When used standalone or integrated into your solution, Decimator D3 is ideally suited for measurement of communications and broadcast carriers.

The Decimator’s browser-based user interface is intuitive, familiar, and can be used right away with no training required.  It incorporates the Decimator Proxy software on the unit allowing access by multiple users.  Our Remote Management Protocol can be integrated into your network, RF system/unit, Satcom terminal, or RF monitoring/measurement system.

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Advantage Benefit
Available in 3 form factors:
– Rack-Mount Multi-Port
– Portable
– PCIe Card
The D3 is available in a variety of form factors to accommodate a variety of uses and applications, providing customers with the technology they need in the form it’s required.
Easy to Use With Powerful Web-based User Interface (GUI) With a standard internet connection, the D3 can be used right of the box with no training required, minimizing set-up time.
Programmable Email and SNMP Alarms For customers who have critical measurements to monitor, the D3 offers programmable email & SNMP alarms that can notify multiple people immediately if a signal is out of limit.
Cross-pol and Carrier Monitoring Applications Built-in SED’s built-in cross-pol and carrier monitoring applications provide satellite operators, teleport operators and other service providers the ability to automatically manage RF carrier performance with minimal effort.
Powerful API Specifications for Integration with Third Party NMS’s For customers with third-party NMS’s, SED provides powerful API specifications to ensure a seamless integration every time.
Built-In Multi-User Support With up to 10 Concurrent Users Users can connect the UI to the D3 to perform ad-hoc measurements while having a separate independent connection from your NMS performing background measurements with no extra running software.
CarrierWatch Add-on Provides Advanced Carrier Monitoring Features CarrierWatch add-on license is ideal for customers who need to view multiple carriers at a glance in a single window. CarrierWatch also offers the ability to zoom into a specific carrier and playback individual carrier traces, view trend plots and other advanced features.