Oil and Gas

Calian SED’s Decimator D3 RF spectrum analyzer provides the oil and gas sector with valuable remote RF signal monitoring for their communication infrastructure services. Offshore and land-based production rigs utilize satellite, WIMAX and LTE cellular protocols, 2-way radio communications frequencies and often integrate telecommunication systems, SCADA and M2M protocols, CCTV and IPTV signals to provide reliable communications to oil and gas operations.

Decimator D3 can monitor up to 100 signal carriers and provide band power or presence of a carrier setting to trigger signal parameter alarms via email or SNMP.

Decimator D3 rf spectrum analyzer offers single-port or 19” rackmount 4 port and 8 port configurations that allow for multiple RF inputs from 5 MHz to 3 GHz. Carrier monitoring is included with each rf spectrum analyzer.