Calian SED’s Decimator D3 provides Teleport operators with remote L-band digital spectrum analysis along with real-time carrier monitoring. Available as a 1RU rack mount, up to 10 simultaneous users can remotely access the spectrum analyzer. Monitoring up to 100 carriers, Decimator D3 provides low-cost monitoring of uplink and downlink carriers at RF L-band or IF 70/140 MHz.

The Decimator can display co-pol and cross-pol signals simultaneously, along with the measured isolation value. Decimator has built-in internal and external 10 MHz reference signals for excellent frequency accuracy. Use the Decimator in beacon receiver applications, VSAT commissioning and for low-cost carrier monitoring.

Decimator D3 RF spectrum analyzer is available as a PCIe card, Portable, or 4 Port or 8 Port 1 RU/19″ rack mount.