sequence editor live results Mimic window

Some of the key features are:

A sequence editor that allows a series of measurements to be defined prior to the IOT campaign. Often the sequence of measurements corresponds to a set of tests defined for a specific spacecraft configuration during the IOT campaign.

A database table editor that allows satellite data, measurement station data and measurement parameters to be defined. The system data is flexible and configurable to adapt the system for various IOT testing needs and can be modified using the table editor.

A live measurement results window that displays the results of measurements as they occur. The result summary provides a quick summary of key measured values and indicates whether the measured result is within the tolerance or mask of the expected values. The detailed measurement report can be accessed from this window.

High quality measurement reports and plots that can be saved to PDF format for inclusion in IOT campaign test reports. The data from the reports can be exported from the system database for off-line post-processing or analysis.

A results history window that allows the user to search for previously measured results. The reports for the selected results can be viewed, printed, stored or exported.

A mimic window that dynamically updates to display the status of the test instruments. The window can also be used for low-level control of the instruments to perform ad-hoc measurements.