Our IOT system includes a comprehensive set of measurements for satellite testing. The standard list of measurements is:

  • Gain Transfer Curve

  • Frequency Response (in-band and out-of-band)

  • Group Delay Response

  • Crosspol Isolation

  • Satellite Gain

  • Translation Frequency

  • Satellite G/T

  • Third Order Intermod

  • Spurious Outputs

  • Beacon EIRP, Frequency and Modulation Index

  • Antenna Patterns

    • Slew Method

    • Point and Hold Method

  • EIRP in a Bandwidth

  • Uplink a Signal

Custom Measurements

  • Phase Noise

  • AM/PM Conversion and Transfer

  • Noise Power Ratio (NPR)

IOT Group Delay IOT Beacon IOT EIRP