Mission Operations Systems

Mission Ops Team

As a systems integrator, Calian, Advanced Technologies has a long history of developing bespoke subsystem components to support real-time mission operations.

With almost 20 years of experience in LEO Satellite Operations, with the Canadian Space Agency, Calian, Advanced Technologies has the added benefit of being users of Mission Operations Systems as well as developers.

With the combined expertise of structured, modern Software Engineering capabilities, along with a deep understanding of the needs of satellite operations teams during Operations Preparation, LEOP, Commissioning, and long term Routine Ops, Calian, Advanced Technologies has a comprehensive understanding of what is needed in Modern Mission Operations Systems and the modern techniques to develop them.

Under its Satellite Operations contract with the Canadian Space Agency, Calian, Advanced Technologies provided major engineering support for the in-house development of the SCISAT Mission Operations Centre (MOC), has subsequently used the MOC operationally on a daily basis and has continued to maintain and upgrade the system to ensure its ongoing availability and effectiveness.

The MOC is used to support three stages of the mission:

  • Spacecraft AI&T
  • Launch and Early Operations
  • Post-launch Operations, both nominal and emergency.

The SCISAT MOC was designed as a model for a generic and cost-effective satellite control system to support recurring small satellite missions. Calian, Advanced Technologies has continued to provide its expertise and experience to adapt the core SCISAT MOC to other missions, such as NEOSSat, Cassiope, with future missions still in the planning stages.

Today’s marketplace is evolving with more autonomous and lower cost systems being in demand. Calian, Advanced Technologies can tailor a Mission Operations System to meet your operational and staffing constraints.

On the development side, Calian, Advanced Technologies played the following development role in the various MOC subsystems:

Real-Time Telecommand and Telemetry (RT3): This subsystem includes Avtec and ITOS COTS software. Calian, Advanced Technologies was involved in the configuration of COTS systems for SciSat, and implemented the operational database (STOL procedures, spacecraft database, etc.) that was developed by our satellite engineers.

Data Management (DM): This is a mass storage and data products distribution system, including satellite control and payload instrument data.

Orbit Analysis System (OAS): This subsystem is developed around STK products and used for orbit determination, prediction and propagation. Output products are used for antenna pointing at all stations and by the SOC for science planning.

Spacecraft Health Management (SHM): monitors real-time and stored telemetry to determine and track spacecraft status. It uses custom software that supports MATLAB, IDEAS and TMG. Calian, Advanced Technologies developed the hardware and software of the STAT system (Spacecraft Telemetry Analysis and Trending) and our satellite engineers developed and implemented the operational database.

Planning system (PLAN): creates short- and long-term operational plans and generates output operational. It is built around PINTA, MS Access and Visual Basic. Calian, Advanced Technologies developed and integrated the hardware and software for this system and implemented the operational database developed by our satellite engineers. We also developed a software tool to resolve pass conflicts between RADARSAT-1 and SciSat-1 missions.

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