Monitor and Control Systems

In today’s systems, the M&C plays a role in overall network management and operation. The M&C supplies critical earth station equipment status to higher-level systems, such as a Manager of Managers or a TT&C Real-Time System, and also must allow these systems to reconfigure earth station equipment. Finally, RF systems are also expected to evolve over time. New equipment is added for new services. Old equipment is replaced. New antennas are added. As the equipment changes, the administrators need to be able to modify the set of devices that are monitored and controlled by the M&C.

Calian, Advanced Technologies has been developing M&C’s for over 25 years. For the last 15 years, we have been delivering M&C’s built on the Calian, Advanced Technologies developed Mon-A-Co software. We have developed Mon-A-Co based M&C systems as part of RF systems for Inmarsat, Hughes, Boeing, and Sirius-XM and as standalone systems to Intelsat, EchoStar, Telenor, KDDI and other satellite service providers. The software has been delivered as part of over one hundred RF systems and has been steadily refined and enhanced during these projects.

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Monitor and control