Carrier & Spectrum Monitoring Systems

Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Carrier Monitoring & Spectrum Monitoring systems provide satellite operators, teleport operators and other service providers the ability to automatically manage RF carrier performance with minimal effort. Calian, Advanced Technologies provides three carrier monitoring solutions with differing capabilities depending on your needs.

Carrier and Spectrum Monitoring System

Dedicated Carrier Monitoring Systems

  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities across one or more satellites.
  • Multiple ground stations and beams can be easily supported.
  • Centralized monitoring and control from a satellite network control center

Decimator Carrier Monitoring

  • Basic carrier monitoring anywhere in the world with a standard Internet connection.
  • Uses Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Decimator product without the need to deploy additional instrumentation.

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Mon-A-Co Integrated System

  • Carrier monitoring capabilities for both existing and new users of Calian, Advanced Technologies’ M&C product.

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Key Features

Our dedicated carrier monitoring system provides sophisticated satellite monitoring capabilities. The system is scalable to support multiple satellites, multiple satellite beams and multiple gateways or ground stations depending on your needs. The overall system can be operated from a network operation center to control and monitor your satellite network.

Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Carrier Monitoring system allows fully automated and manual measurements including the following features:

  • Carrier threshold alarms based on the user-defined limits of EIRP, Frequency and C/No
  • Graphical display of measured carriers and spectrum characteristics
  • Capability to dwell on a specific carrier
    • Can be used to watch carriers with performance issues
    • Useful when initially lining up carriers
  • Trend analysis and statistical summaries of carrier measurement data
  • Priority carrier measurements pre-empt scheduled measurements
  • Measurement scheduler
  • Create and schedule multiple sequences of measurements
  • Measurement data logging including low-level measurement information


  • Downlink EIRP, frequency and C/No for a carrier
  • Uplink EIRP and frequency of a carrier
  • Downlink EIRP in a specified bandwidth
  • Uplink EIRP in a specified bandwidth
  • Full-spectrum analysis, including identification of spurious carriers
  • Satellite noise
  • Reference carrier calibration
  • Doppler corrections of measurements based on orbit model predictions
  • Calibration tables to enhance absolute measurement accuracy


The architecture of the system was designed to be flexible so that the system can adapt to all types of installations. The system was designed to be scalable so that additional monitoring can be added as your monitoring needs grow. The Dedicated Carrier Monitoring System consists of the following main components that can be combined to provide the right monitoring solution for you.

  • Network Control Center Equipment
    • Provides the main user interface for the system for carrier alarming
    • Aggregates the carrier measurement results from all of the monitoring sites for presentation to the users
    • Consists of computer equipment and Calian, Advanced Technologies’ software
  • Gateway Monitoring Equipment
    • Provides monitoring of uplink and downlink carriers at a gateway or ground station
    • Provides a local user interface for gateway staff
    • Measurement results are forwarded to the network control center
    • Consists of computer equipment, measurement instruments, switching and Calian, Advanced Technologies’ software
  • Spot Beam Monitoring Equipment
    • Provides monitoring of signals in a remote spot beam or other remote location
    • Consists of Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Decimator measurement instrument that forwards measurement results back to the network control center

The heart of the measurement system is our Decimator product that allows multiple measurement points to be monitored at each location. Frequency converters are used to downconvert the satellite frequency band to the L-band input range of the Decimator.