Key Features

Our dedicated carrier monitoring system provides sophisticated satellite
monitoring capabilities. The system is scalable to support multiple
satellites, multiple satellite beams and multiple gateways or ground
stations depending on your needs. The overall system can be
operated from a network operation center to control and monitor your
satellite network.

SED’s carrier monitoring system allows fully automated and manual measurements
including the following features:

  • Carrier threshold alarms based on the user defined limits of EIRP, Frequency and C/No
  • Graphical display of measured carriers and spectrum characteristics
  • Capability to dwell on a specific carrier
    • Can be used to watch carriers with performance issues
    • Useful when initially lining up carriers
  • Trend analysis and statistical summaries of carrier measurement data
  • Priority carrier measurements pre-empt scheduled measurements
  • Measurement scheduler
  • Create and schedule multiple sequences of measurements
  • Measurement data logging including low-level measurement information