Recent Projects

Hughes Yahsat CMS

The HNS Yahsat carrier monitoring system provides monitoring for the Ka-band Yahsat-1B satellite. The system includes redundant network control center equipment, as well as monitoring equipment for four gateways through Europe and the United Arab Emirates. After the initial deployment, spot beam monitoring was added to provide measurements in 40 user beams.

Boeing Broadband Satellite Network CSM

The Boeing Broadband Satellite Network provides Ku-band monitoring for the carriers used by their service. The system includes network control center computers in Washington state and Colorado. The system also includes monitoring equipment in six locations in the United States and around the world.

Inmarsat-4 Satellite Spectrum Monitoring System

The Inmarsat-4 Satellite Spectrum Monitoring system provides L-band and C-band monitoring for Inmarsat’s 4th generation satellites. The system includes network control center equipment at Inmarsat’s headquarter’s in London as well as at Inmarsat’s backup operational center. 26 gateways around the world are instrumented with monitoring equipment for uplink and downlink carriers.