Mon-A-Co Architecture

At a site, redundant Windows or Linux Servers, running Mon-A-Co Server and Graphical User Interface (GUI) software, communicate with managed devices directly through the Ethernet LAN, through a Terminal Server for devices that only have a serial interface and through Calian, Advanced Technologies Mini-MCUs (or another LAN to discrete converter) for devices with discrete interfaces.

A rack mount display with a built-in KVM is provided to allow users at the site to make use of the M&C GUI on the Servers. There is also an optional desktop computer, typically located in a control room, to provide another M&C GUI at the site

Mon-A-Co M&C at Site

Monitor and control Architecture

If there is a central site, it will have desktops running the Mon-A-Co GUI and a Mon-A-Co™ Archive server.

Mon-A-Co M&C Network Configuration

Monitor and control Network