Planning and Management Systems

Calian, Advanced Technologies’ core business is providing solutions to the satellite communications industry, including the design and delivery of software solutions used for the planning, management, and operations of satellite communications networks.

Calian, Advanced Technologies offers a specialized understanding and knowledge of working first-hand with satellite operators and service providers whose business is to provide mobile and fixed services on a regional and global basis. The experience and knowledge we provide includes:

  • global service provision including fixed and mobile satellite services
  • multiple frequency bands including L-band, C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band
  • multiple multi-beam satellites with hundreds of narrow, wide, and earth coverage beams
  • spatial and temporal frequency reuse on transparent and regenerative satellites
  • collaboration with the engineering and operational groups of satellite operators and service providers to understand the challenges of operating a reliable network that offers a quality experience to its users

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Frequency Planning Systems
Frequency Planning Systems
The FPS is a satellite resource planning tool that manages spectrum, transponder, and carrier configurations, and provides analysis modules to maximize frequency re-use and optimize payloads.
Satellite Resource Management Systems
Satellite Resource Management Systems
We have the first-hand experience in designing, building, and integrating purpose-built resource management systems for satellite communications. These systems are designed to maximize the usage of limited satellite and network resources while maintaining quality of service requirements.
Planning Tools
Calian, Advanced Technologies is a trusted and reliable provider of cost-efficient systems, applications, and engineering tools for satellite operators. We work closely with our customers’ operational and engineering groups providing operational systems, customized tools, and domain-knowledgeable technical support to efficiently plan, manage, and optimize their existing and evolving satellite fleets.