Frequency Planning Systems (FPS)

The Calian, Advanced Technologies Satellite Frequency Planning System (FPS) allows satellite operators to maximize use of spectrum, provision new services, and maintain quality of service and operating constraints.

It is a satellite resource planning tool that manages spectrum, transponder, and carrier configurations, and provides analysis modules to maximize frequency re-use and optimize payloads. The easy-to-use UI provides step-by-step wizards to assist with the planning, verification, and analysis functions.

Tactically, the FPS is used daily by operational engineers to provision spectrum and power to new subscribers, diagnose and analyze congestion events, and manage frequency allocations and reuse schemes to meet a changing operational landscape, while continually adhering to global regulatory and coordination constraints.

A powerful user interface presents planned channels and carrier assignments by frequency, transponder, and geographically by coverage area and allows engineers to easily make modifications, evaluate alternatives, and maintain contingency plans.

 Frequency Planning Systems GUI

Strategic aspects of the FPS allow spectrum planning engineers to model and analyze complex network configurations consisting of multiple service types, differing quality of service parameters, and varying gateway and terminal equipment configurations.

Sophisticated satellite communications modelling allows the system-wide analysis of interference including gateway and spacecraft inter-modulation, adjacent channel and satellite noise sources, and mobile movement effects including multi-path and Doppler.

Using these powerful models along with estimated traffic projections, terminal distributions and movement patterns, and calculated satellite orbital movements the FPS calculates detailed link budgets for varying terminal types and service classes and presents them in various reports and intuitive graphical representations.