TerreStar PRMS/LRM

The TerreStar satellite mobile communications service that combines cellular wireless connectivity with a GEO satellite network. Using innovative ground-based beam forming (GBBF) spot beam technology, the network allows TerreStar to dynamically reposition beams to be able to allocate power and spectrum to situation-specific incidents ensuring capacity when and where it is needed.

SED was sub-contracted by Hughes to design, develop, deliver, and support a combined Packet Resource Management System / Local Resource Manager (PRMS/LRM) subsystem for integration into the Hughes-design Satellite Access Station (SAS) gateway. As an integral component to the SAS, the PRMS/LRM was designed by SED to be a highly-available fault-tolerant software system.

The LRM component receives high-level resource plans from a centralized global resource manager, channelizes the available spectrum and power based on time of day plans, and provides the channels to the PRMS component for assignment to the SAS channel units and processing elements. The PRMS component manages the utilization of the channel units and processing elements, configures the carriers for assigned channels, and monitors the traffic load on each of the configured carriers. The PRMS requests additional channels from the LRM for over-utilized beams and returns channels from under-utilized beams.