RF Systems

SED has been a leader in providing sophisticated RF and communications systems for the satellite industry for over 50 years.  SED designs, builds and operates ground control systems for both commercial and government satellite programs.  Our customers are leaders in their industries and we provide systems tailored to meet their demanding requirements, with practical solutions, delivered on time and on budget.

The addition of our cutting-edge medium & large RF Composite Carbon Fiber Antennas allows precision surface accuracy for all frequency bands, including Q/V band.

We’re a system provider with extensive experience in L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band implementations.   The systems include satellite antenna systems, frequency converters, low-noise and high-power amplifiers, switchgear and waveguide as well as modulators, demodulators, formatting and combining units, format and signal conversion systems, subcarrier synthesizers, test loop translation and ranging processors, and gain control and combining units. Our approach starts with requirements definition and extends to long-term maintenance and support after installation.

In fact, SED has long prided itself on its reputation for taking on difficult projects requiring a high degree of customization, diverse vendor management, and exacting systems development. Our systems comprise the very best in commercial equipment available to reduce cost, technical risks, and development time. We have completed hundreds of successful projects, developing unique RF design and integration expertise.

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Composite Carbon Fiber Antenna Discover our NEW Composite Carbon Fiber Antenna, it’s has a precision reflective surface that allows operation to Q/V band & beyond.
Communications Systems Communications Systems SED’s RF communication systems are used by operators worldwide to handle revenue generating customer traffic and monitor and control bandwidth allocation and usage.
TT&C Systems TT&C Systems Standard Tracking, Telemetry & Command (TT&C) functions include command transmission, telemetry reception and processing, and ranging capability. Our systems control and monitor spacecraft in GEO, MEO, LEO orbits as well as deep-space probes.
Earth Observation Systems Earth Observation Systems SED’s Earth Observation solution addresses today’s needs in both high-performance data reception and TT&C. Our Ground Station design and implementation, has taken another step forward by bundling industry leading COTS hardware and software with new station management functions.