Communication Systems

I5 Inmarsat Global Xpress

I5 Hub 400

Calian, Advanced Technologies was responsible for all aspects of the I5 Global Xpress Gateway systems including the design, procurement, integration, installation and test of Inmarsat’s next-generation Ka-band satellite program. Six systems were provided worldwide with three systems acting as primary sites and three systems provided for diversity/backup operations.

Supplied on a turnkey basis, the system includes identical equipment for all primary and backup sites that are used to support communications operations at Ka-band. Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C) services are also supported.

Each system included a 13.2m Ka-band monopulse limited motion antenna complete with an antenna control system and fully redundant communications transmit and receive equipment chains. Each site also provided redundant TT&C baseband equipment and transmit equipment chains. Also included was measurement hardware for Uplink Power Control pilot measurements and carrier equalization and a monitor and control system.