ICO Global Communications RF Subsystem (RFS)

Calian, Advanced Technologies provided the RF Subsystem (RFS) for use in the ICO Gateway. ICO’s network was designed to provide wireless voice, data, video, and/or Internet service throughout the United States on mobile and portable devices.

Under contract to HUGHES, Calian, Advanced Technologies designed, developed, procured, assembled, tested, integrated, delivered, installed, and commissioned the RF Subsystem. The RFS contains two sets of IF Equipment (IF) and two RF terminals, which are cross-strapped to each other for redundancy. Each set of IF Equipment contains banks of custom-designed Channel Units (CUs) which provide the interface between the RF Terminal equipment and the Ground-Based Beam Forming (GBBF) Equipment. Each channel unit contains a local oscillator that is phase-locked to a reference signal, and is programmable to provide the required frequency conversion for the channel/path it is assigned to.

The RFT provides the highly reliable, phase coherent frequency conversions and high linearity RF amplification. A sophisticated Payload Pilot Receiver developed by Calian, Advanced Technologies allows the frequency of the received signals to be adjusted to remove the effects of receive signal Doppler. Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TT&C) RF equipment, Uplink Power Control Capability, Monitor and Control system, and a 13m monopulse antenna are also provided as part of the RFT.

ICO Antenna