Composite Carbon Fiber Antenna

Calian, Advanced Technologies now offers ultra-modern medium and large aperture RF composite antennas with cutting-edge performance for the most demanding applications.

This composite carbon fiber antenna system is designed to meet the demanding performance and operational requirements needed for Ka-band frequencies, Q/V-band frequencies and beyond.

The technical challenges in satellite RF ground systems are increasing as satellite communication networks move to higher-frequency ranges like Q and V bands.  Calian, Advanced Technologies new composite carbon fiber satellite communication antennas are designed to offer superior performance by cost-effectively reducing structural distortions that can arise with legacy ground systems comprised of steel or aluminum.

Modern RF ground systems demand the ultimate combination of price and performance, and these innovative antennas are specifically designed with these needs in mind.


  • Composite carbon fiber reflector and back structure, 10m or 6m now available
  • Precision surface accuracy for all frequency bands, including Q/V-band frequencies & higher
  • Lightweight, ultra-strong design minimizes thermal, wind and gravity loads
  • Digital Monopulse Antenna Control System
  • Innovative in-panel de-ice system
  • Minimize deployment costs – reduced shipping weight, fast installation time

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Rob Vance, Director, Satellite Antenna Ground Systems
T: 408-221-5728
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