RADARSAT –1 and 2


Calian, Advanced Technologies was responsible for the design and implementation of Radarsat’s two TT&C stations, one located at Canadian Space Agency (CSA) headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, the other adjacent to Calian, Advanced Technologies’ own facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Each station is equipped with a 10-m full-motion (3-axis) tracking primary focus S-band antenna and appropriate transmit and receive chains. Calian, Advanced Technologies coordinated the installation and integration of the TT&C stations at both sites. The antenna at the Calian, Advanced Technologies facility is mounted on top of a dedicated 3-story tower. The antenna at the St. Hubert facility is mounted on a 1-storey tower and is connected via a 700‑m interfacility link to the satellite control center.

The receive chain consists of LNAs whose output is routed through the RF Switchbank to a downconverter, tracking telemetry receiver, PSK demodulator, bit synchronizer, and FCU (TTL to RS-422 conversion). A Test Loop Translator for ranging calibration and a Ranging Processor are also included. Equipment at each station is monitored and controlled by means of a Calian, Advanced Technologies designed monitor and control system. This system provides a synoptic display of equipment status and permits remote control of equipment.