Mabuhay Aquila 2 Systems

Calian, Advanced Technologies supplied the complete In-Orbit Test and Communications Monitoring System for providing the in-orbit test capability of the Aguila satellite. The system also provided the capability for performing monitoring of the communications traffic being carried on the satellite.

The 9-meter Ku-band antenna and RF system to provide the capability for Ku-band IOT testing, communications monitoring and remote earth station verification testing.

Calian, Advanced Technologies subsequently supplied the design, manufacture, integration, delivery, installation, and commissioning of a single string, backup satellite TT&C earth station on MPSC’s site near Zamboanga, Philippines. The baseband processor provides command generation, telemetry processing, spacecraft ranging, archiving, operations console, WAN interface, and monitor and control of the baseband equipment.

The station was equipped with an 11-meter limited motion Cassegrain C-band antenna with linear polarized feed and associated RF transmit and RF receive chains, as well as baseband telemetry processing, command generation, and ranging equipment. The RF transmit chain consists of commercial C-band upconverters, a 2.8 kW Klystron power amplifier, test loop translators, and  Calian, Advanced Technologies custom-built RF switching unit. The RF receive chain consists of commercial LNAs, Calian, Advanced Technologies custom-built RF switching unit, and C-band downconverters.