Calian, Advanced Technologies provided the RF Equipment (RFE) for MexSat’s next generation of satellites under contract to Boeing. The new satellites depend on Ground-Based Beam Forming (GBBF) to deliver a variety of voice and data services across Mexico. This system included the installation of two antennas each at Mexico City and Hermosillo, Mexico.

Mexsat Racks

Each RFE provides the communications traffic-carrying feeder links to both satellites, as well as TT&C capabilities. Each station has a dedicated 11.1m primary antenna per satellite with a single 9.0m antenna provided for redundancy. The uplink and downlink RF chains also feature highly redundant systems to achieve exceptional system availability.

The RFE interfaces with the GBBF at L-band and uses a single stage of frequency conversion to and from RF that is phase coherent across polarizations. The RF uplinks are optimized for NPR performance at high power levels and feature industry-leading spurious performance.

A Reference and Spectrum Monitoring System (RSMS) provides comprehensive self-monitoring capabilities using an enhanced version of  Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Decimator product. The user interface to the system is Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Mon-A-Co™ M&C product for localized control at each station and centralized control at MexSat’s Network Operations Center.