Satellite Gateway Systems

Since the early 90s, Calian, Advanced Technologies has provided voice, data, video, safety, telemetrics, and broadcast services to the end-users, applications, and networks of many of the world’s leading satellite operators and service providers.

Our capabilities include systems engineering, satellite communications ground infrastructure, terrestrial network design and integration, installation, and training required for turn-key operations. We have extensive experience designing and installing antenna systems and RF communications equipment around the world. This includes the integration into existing host facilities or the construction of complete earth stations, starting from groundbreaking and civil works.

For custom applications, we have the capabilities to design, develop, and integrate specialized hardware, software, and digital signal processing components, including modulators and demodulators. Where needed, we have low-to-medium volume manufacturing services.

Aeronautical Services
Aeronautical Services
These mission-critical high-availability systems provide data, voice, and safety services, allowing crew and passengers to communicate with terrestrial networks including critical air traffic control functions.
Machine to Machine Communication
These systems provide a two-way burst messaging service, which supports a wide range of machine-to-machine applications for tracking and monitoring remote fixed or mobile assets on a global basis.