Aeronautical Services

Inmarsat Classic Aero

Inmarsat Aero ACSE In 2009, Calian, Advanced Technologies designed, built, and installed two Classic Aero gateway systems for Inmarsat to support the delivery of aeronautical services over the Imarsat-4 geosynchronous satellites. These high-availability systems provide data, voice, and safety services, allowing crew and passengers to communicate with terrestrial networks including critical air traffic control functions. To meet safety, security, and reliability requirements, Calian, Advanced Technologies developed the key hardware and software components and carefully selected and integrated best-in-class commercial components.

Calian, Advanced Technologies installed, integrated, and commissioned the gateways in Hawaii and Italy. In 2012 Calian, Advanced Technologies provided 2 additional gateways in Australia and the Netherlands for Inmarsat’s I-3 network.

Calian, Advanced Technologies developed all the software in the system, including designing the system’s external interfaces and coordinating integration efforts. Calian, Advanced Technologies integrated the systems with multiple service providers for network interconnects and traffic handling. We also integrated it with Inmarsat’s operational support and business support systems for terminal and subscriber authentication and authorization, and commercial distribution partners for operational, provisioning, and billing requirements.

Calian, Advanced Technologies developed the software in accordance with RTCA/DO-178B Level D, which was delivered to Inmarsat with all required documentation necessary for qualification.

Inmarsat AGGW

In 2012 Calian, Advanced Technologies developed the ACARS Ground Gateway (AGGW) for Inmarsat. The AGGW serves as a terrestrial router for Aeronautical safety communication over Inmarsat’s Swift Broadband satellite service.

The AGGW is a mission-critical system with high-availability achieved through redundant computers operating in a clustered configuration. In addition, site diversity with seamless traffic transfer between sites ensures that safety-critical communication between the cockpit and air traffic control is always available.

The AGGW has built-in monitoring capabilities to track ACARS message latencies in the network and will alert the network operator at the first indication of a problem. Geographical and reporting utilities can be used to pinpoint problem areas whether it be a single spot beam or transition area or even single aircraft where the required standard of service is not being met.

Ground Gateways