Machine to Machine Communication

SkyWave Isat M2M

Skywave Rack The Calian, Advanced Technologies IsatM2M (Inmarsat D2/D+) communication gateway provides a two-way burst messaging service, which supports a wide range of machine-to-machine applications for tracking and monitoring remote fixed or mobile assets on a global basis.

In 2007, Calian, Advanced Technologies delivered two gateways providing SkyWave with the ability to operate its own IsatM2M network across five satellites.

Calian, Advanced Technologies developed all components of the system including the channel units, which were deployed as modulator and demodulator PCI cards installed into a rack-mountable Linux server running Calian, Advanced Technologies developed air interface traffic processing and management software. This innovative software-based satellite modem design is a key feature of the system and allows Calian, Advanced Technologies to deliver gateways with custom air interfaces in short time frames.

SkyWave IsatData Pro

Skywave Single Rack In 2010, Calian, Advanced Technologies designed, built, and installed the air interface subsystems of the SkyWave IsatData Pro gateways, which provide global, low data rate, two-way packet data service for machine-to-machine communications. The air interface subsystem consisted of modulators, demodulators, purpose-built air interface processing software, IF interface equipment, and racking. Built to integrate into a larger gateway system, Calian, Advanced Technologiesdemonstrated its ability to adeptly support and collaborate with SkyWave to support their overall network architecture and custom interfaces.

For this system, Calian, Advanced Technologies designed and manufactured the multi-functional, multi-channel, narrow bandwidth channel units. Designed to support the evolution of the air interface and to enable the ongoing improvement of gateway performance, the channel units and corresponding process software are easily maintainable and highly extensible.

The FPGA-based channel unit cards perform modulation in the transmit direction and digitization in the return direction. Demodulation is implemented in software executing on Modem Interface Computers equipped with graphical processor units for accelerating the iterative algorithms. Additionally, the processing software, designed to be highly-available and highly-scalable, optionally, executes on a cluster of MICs that can be dynamically resized to meet growing demand or to provide improved redundancy.

In 2011, Calian, Advanced Technologies installed the equipment and integrated it with the SkyWave gateway and host RF facilities in Burum, Aucklands, and Laurentides. As well, Calian, Advanced Technologies is currently under contract to further enhance the gateways to meet growing service and operational needs.