Satellite Modulators

Beacon Generator

Calian, Advanced Technologies’ line of DVB-S/S2/S2X satellite modulators meets the diverse needs of the satellite market. Our modulators have been deployed around the world in DTH satellite broadcast and satellite newsgathering applications.

Our line of satellite modulators and related products include the Gemini modulator, narrow-band SDTS modulator, L-band redundancy switch, and beacon generators.

The Gemini modulator provides DVB-S/S2/S2X, DSNG and Turbo functionality and includes ASI and IP inputs and both IF and L-band outputs.

Our Itus modulator redundancy switch provides 1:1 modulator L-band redundancy switching.

The narrow-band SDTS modulator supports the Inmarsat SES28B standard, while our beacon generator provides an L-band output that can be frequency converted to the band you need.

Our modulators have a flexible FPGA-based design, which can be leveraged to provide custom modulators for non-standard encoding and modulation types. Calian, Advanced Technologies can also provide private labelling for OEM products.