Beacon Generator

Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Beacon Generator provides a known ground reference for accurate positioning of satellite antennas. It generates an exceptionally clean modulated signal and is designed for highly reliable operations. Numerous operational satellite systems have selected the Calian, Advanced Technologies Beacon Generator to help control their satellite antenna pointing.

The Calian, Advanced Technologies Beacon Generator uses a high fidelity BPSK modulated signal to send a specific ID signal to the satellite. Up to 15 different GOLD codes are available to select as the modulator’s ID signal. The baseband design is FPGA based which can cost-effectively support other modulation requirements.

The beacon generator operates in conjunction with a third party Ku/Ka-band block upconverter. The pair in combination generates a flexible high-fidelity RF signal at the required uplink frequency. An external 10MHz reference input is offered to provide enhanced frequency stability for both units and improved phase noise performance in the external block upconverter. Frequency agility in the modulator combined with custom block upconverter models supports other uplink frequency requirements.

Beacon Generator

The modulator is controlled through a local front panel control or via an easy to use, intuitive web browser GUI interface. The GUI interface can be accessed remotely and either interface offers the ability to change the signal ID, configure the network setup, change the RF output power level or get vital modulator health information.

A fully documented Ethernet-based API is available to integrate this modulator into a higher-level management system or write custom scripts. For on-site diagnostics, there are status LED indicators on the front panel. A contact closure alarm is also available for connection to a local equipment management system.

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Modulation Format PM/BPSK
L-Band Output
Frequency Stability Fixed frequency in range950 MHz – 1750 MHz
Output power range Per external 10 MHz Frequency reference. If disconnected, 4.6 ppm max after 15 yrs -20 to 0 dBm (recommended setting at 0 dBm)
Ku-Band Output
Frequency Stability 17.7985 GHz (fixed)Per external 10 MHz frequency reference. If disconnected, +/-2×10-8 0 to 50ºC, +/-5×10-9 /day typical (fixed temperature after 24 hr on time)
Output power range -15 to +10 dBm
Output power accuracy +/- 0.5 dB
Physical Size 19 inches wide, 1U (1.75 inches) high,
21 inches deep, EIA standard 19-inch rack-mountable