Hercules DVB-S/S2 Multi-Channel Satellite Modulator

Hercules Modulator

Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Hercules satellite modulator product line supports full-featured DVB-S, DVB-S2 and Broadcom Turbo compliant satellite modulation. Hercules models are available that support all three modes or any subset of these modes. Equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet-based IP data inputs, an SFP+ IP data input and two ASI inputs,

Hercules is capable of generating up to 16 independent 30 Msps carriers in the 950 MHz to 1750 MHz band. All carriers are frequency agile and have individual control of power, symbol rate, FEC rate and roll off. Hercules is flexible to support multiple operational modes and includes the ability to generate a single carrier up to 416 Msps.

Calian, Advanced Technologies Hercules multi-channel modulator is an innovative, patent-applied-for product that generates multiple channels out of a single one rack-mount unit (1RU) chassis. The small form factor provides significant savings in capital costs, as well as reducing operating expenses due to the modulator’s low power consumption and the associated reduction in space and HVAC costs. You can replace a full rack of modulators with a few RU of Hercules modulators!

The convenient rear-panel Ethernet management port provides easy access to the user interface using any standard web browser. An SNMP-based monitor and control interface provides a connection to external management systems.

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