Itus L-band Redundancy Switch

Itus RF-Switch

The Itus L-band redundancy switch is a companion product for SED’s family of modulators that can be used to provide 1:1 redundancy protection. The switch has redundant power supplies for high availability and includes an innovative smart-switching feature based on the incoming DVB-S/S2 signals.

The switch operates in either automatic or manual mode for redundancy switching between the two RF inputs. In manual mode, an operator can use the front panel push-buttons to control the connection between the RF input and the output. When a failure is detected in automatic mode, the switch autonomously switches over to the standby.

Itus is available with an innovative patent-applied-for signal analysis capability that is not found in other modulator redundancy switches. With this feature, Itus is capable of demodulating up to sixteen DVB-S/S2 signals in the 950 MHz – 2150 MHz frequency range on the RF input ports and switching based on the demodulator / decoder lock status, MER, frame error rate and power level of the incoming signal.

A rear panel ethernet management port provides easy access to the user interface from any standard web browser. An SNMP based monitor and control interface provides connection to external network management systems.

Customized and OEM versions of Itus are available upon request.

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