Spectare Spectrum Viewer

Spectare Spectrum Viewer

Calian, Advanced Technologies Spectare Spectrum Viewer is a 2-port purpose-built spectrum viewer that’s ideal for applications that demand ease of operation and very low-cost spectral analysis of L-band signals.

Spectare is available in both a 1RU rack-mount or smaller form factor case. Spectare uses digital technology and Discrete Fourier Transforms (DFTs) to make measurements.

The device has two 50Ω SMA selectable inputs and accepts signals from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz with input power levels up to +5 dBm. The RJ-45 Ethernet port allows control of the device through a web browser. Automation via a network socket makes it easy to integrate Spectare into applications.

Spectare Spectrum Viewer is specifically target marketed to OEM firms who wish to package Spectare with their software /hardware/service offerings. Minimum quantity purchase requirements apply.

Spectare differs from the Calian, Advanced Technologies Decimator D3 RF spectrum analyzer in the reduced frequency range, sensitivity and speed of measurement. These differences enable Spectare to offer lower-cost performance for applications that are very price sensitive.

Calian, Advanced Technologies has a strong history of working with OEM firms to customize Calian, Advanced Technologies technology to fit OEM needs. Please contact us if you need a customized version of Spectare.

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