VSAT Terminals and Hubs

Calian, Advanced Technologies Spectare spectrum viewing device provides VSAT terminal and hub manufacturers and high volume users with the ability to integrate low-cost spectrum analysis both for antenna set-up and signal acquisition as well as provides ongoing remote access via web or API control.

Through the user interface, you can pre-set your measurement markers to quickly report the power spectral density for secure signal lock-on. Spectare’s SNMP status and email alerts make ongoing signal monitoring an inexpensive integration option. Available in 2 form factors.

Satellite M2M

Satellite M2M

In satellite L band communications and integrated IoT applications, there is plenty of room to include this low-cost spectrum analyzer in your service offering. Whether it is maritime services, oil and gas operations, fishing vessels, railway transit or healthcare delivery, Spectare provides L band signal visibility anytime from anywhere.

Use the Spectare API or access remotely via the web GUI to integrate this low-cost remote spectrum analyzer and monitoring solution into your high volume M2M service offering.

Satellite bandwidth providers and their connectivity providers are meeting the challenge to optimize their networks and provide ever more throughput to remote ground station infrastructures.

Contact Calian, Advanced Technologies to discuss how Spectare can benefit your M2M application.

Spot Beam Signal Analysis


End Users of new HTS technology, frequency re-use and traditional satellite communication technologies are benefiting from constantly improved system capacity growth.

Calian, Advanced Technologies Spectare signal analyzer provides operators with the means to cost-effectively monitor signals remotely on a continual basis.

Low-cost Spectare spectrum analyzers enable operators to remotely monitor spot beam signal strength within the desired areas quickly and accurately. Take the guesswork out of rain fade and induced signal loss when signal strength anomalies can be automated through the API or immediately reported via the SNMP trap or email alerts directly to the control center. Technicians can remotely view the spectrum and log the key performance stats easily and efficiently. Only one or two unnecessary truck rolls pays for the unit.



Spectare L band spectrum analyzer for military and government applications affords OEM and system integrators the ability to cost-effectively integrate remote spectrum analysis into ground station terminals.

Calian, Advanced Technologies Spectare COTS signal analyzer is priced to provide spectrum analysis and remote monitoring at a fraction of the cost of conventional spectrum analyzers. That is good news for challenged military budgets that wrestle with providing the best performance for each dollar spent.

Calian, Advanced Technologies engineering group is available to discuss customized solutions to fit many different needs.