Management and Interfaces

Spectare Remote Management Protocol

Spectare’s Remote Management Protocol is an API used for management, configuration, monitoring, and automated measurements. This API allows easy integration of Spectare into other systems or products, such as satcom terminals, antenna control units, VSAT hubs and other similar systems. Spectare software includes an SNMP status interface. Java and C++ client software programming examples are available to ease integration. Details are available upon request.

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Web-based User Interface


Each Spectare digital spectrum viewer includes a built-in User Interface that is accessible using any web browser. You can easily save and recall configurations for quick repeat measurements; export measurement results into reports for sharing with colleagues or into spreadsheets or other applications for further detailed analysis. Multiple markers provide for easy power level measurements. It also includes the following measurement modes:

Carrier Monitoring:

  • Ideal for unattended monitoring of carriers in case of rain fade, transponder compression or equipment failure
  • Monitor carriers within defined limits for Power in a Carrier and Presence of a Carrier
  • Sends notification of alarm conditions via email and SNMP
  • Log all measurement results and traces for later review and analysis

Cross-Pol Isolation Measurements:

  • Measures and displays Cross-Pol isolation performance of remote satcom (VSAT) terminals
  • Both Co-pol and Cross-pol signals are displayed at once, making it easy to see Cross-Pol isolation
  • Results can be exported and stored to provide a record of Cross-Pol performance per terminal