Test Solutions

Calian, Advanced Technologies has the expertise to tackle virtually any testing requirement, no matter how complex.  Our test solutions are designed to streamline your testing, increase reliability, speed time to market and ultimately save you money.  Calian, Advanced Technologies offers test solutions for design verification and manufacturing test solutions.

We can provide a fully engineered turnkey test solution, take an existing concept or block diagram and complete the design, or replicate your current design.

If you require a new test program or an existing one updated, our team of experienced programmers and system analysts can provide the necessary architecture, application programming and measurement algorithms.

Calian, Advanced Technologies has skilled engineering and technical resources to proactively address issues such as capacity constraints, poor throughput, testing errors, and a variety of other challenges.  We can ship worldwide and Calian, Advanced Technologies offers installation, training, and support services for the solutions we provide our customers.

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Visit these links for more details information about our test services and solutions:

Turnkey Solutions
Design Finalization
Test Fixtures
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