Hardware Engineering

Calian, Advanced Technologies Hardware Engineering group has the skills and resources to build these solutions almost entirely in our own facility. We develop products and systems for unique requirements where off-the-shelf solutions do not exist.

  • Calian, Advanced Technologies approach to RF System design employs best-of-breed COTS products when possible, and customized hardware designs when necessary. Our approach minimizes risk and maximizes value while meeting the demanding performance requirements of the systems we deliver. Our design drawings, cable builds, and rack integration are all done in-house to guarantee high-quality workmanship for delivery of systems across the globe.
  • Calian, Advanced Technologies embedded modulator and demodulator products combine a high frequency / wide bandwidth analog RF section on the same board as the high-speed digital section for lower costs, smaller form factors, and enhanced signal integrity. The FPGAs we use are some of the largest and fastest available. We also pride ourselves in strategic alliances with key silicon vendors to give us access to parts normally unavailable to companies even many times our size.
  • We do our own schematic layout, route our own boards, design our own chassis, and build our own circuit cards on our own SMT line. We write our own software and code our own logic, making use of proven vendor IP cores when available. This gives us a compelling combination of resident expertise, responsiveness, flexibility, and turn-around time that benefits both us and our customers.

HW Design